Interior Design Project

This service consists in the development of design ideas for a better use of interior spaces as needed. If you are the owner or investor of a property to be renovated and want to do it yourself, but ran out of ideas, we can make a custom project. In this case it will be necessary to provide the basic information according to our instructions. We will develop the proposal and the implementation of the construction will be your responsibility.

Basic steps

  • Existing plans, sketches or statement made by the customer or by us
  • Photos of the property and other technical information
  • Definition of the program to your needs, lifestyle and budget

The customer will be responsible for the measures and technical information provided and to carry out the implementation of the project.

Your project

  • Development plan
  • Resolution 3D images to be printed in A-4
  • Surveying and work's quotation if the customer wishes


  • Ideas and solutions, customized to fully optimize your spaces
  • 3D images simplify communication with your contractors
  • The project and technical information allows you to be autonomous to manage contracts and construction
  • This service can be done remotely if the customer provides the necessary information

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