Virtual Property Valorization

The main goal of the Virtual Property Valorization is to drive attention to the property’s potential; this being on sale, to be constructed or just to be renovated. The flexibility of this service allows us to support real estate agencies, private owners, investors and new ventures promoters.

Basic steps

  • Existing plan, sketch or statement made by the customer
  • Photos of the property and other technical information
  • The potential buyer's profile

Your project

  • Development plan
  • Resolution 3D images to be transmitted by internet
  • Meter and work's quote if the customer wishes


  • Economical solution with minimum time and money investment
  • Optimizes your property without on site work: everything is virtual
  • The sale can be done more quickly
  • Getting virtual proposal with a design based on the potential buyer's profile
  • Allow your customers to view opportunities and to identify theirselves with the spaces proposed
  • Use of a new sales tool to detach in the property market
  • Simple, quick and can be done remotely

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